Thirsty? How about a glass of the Tea of Immortality?

That is the heady, historic nickname of kombucha, a fermented tea believed to have first been brewed in Asia as far back 200 BC. Now, thousands of years later, Adam Barfield, Lewisboro native and founder of the Beacon-based Blessed Brewery, is making craft kombucha, infusing his drinks with local herbs and fruits. “I wanted to produce something that benefits other people,” says Barfield of his decision to start the Beacon-based company that sells its wares at farmers’ markets throughout Westchester.

While the immortality claim might be a stretch, kombucha is believed to aid digestion by “adding micro-bacteria to the gut,” says Barfield, which, in turn, imparts an “overall sense of vitality,” due to a link between mental and digestive well-being.